In Shimmering Blue

Bizarre Video - In Shimmering Blue
Bizarre Video: This svelte provocative babe is incased in a shinny shimmering near iridescent blue latex. Her golden locks accent the radiance of the molded blue sumptuous body. Read more

Fuck Me Doctor

Bizarre Video - Fuck Me Doctor
Bizarre Video: The disheveled blond damsel is all tense and agitated, pacing the floor, waiting for her doctor to arrive. The Doctor is tasked with examining the girl who is not quite right in the head and a bit psychotic. Read more

Milk Therapy

Bizarre Video - Milk Therapy
Bizarre Video: Lis is not a very discriminating nurse when working with her female patients. When Maya comes in for a routine examination but ends up with quite a different experience. Maya is prepared for her standard probing and prodding that will include a close look at her most inner folds. Read more

Pony Boy

Bizarre Video - Pony Boy
Bizarre Video: Mistress is encased in a succulent leather cat suite mounted on top of a devoted slave. She rides her pony around the room then has him clean up her boots with a tongue protruding through a full head mask. Read more

Morning Discipline

Bizarre Video - Morning Discipline
Bizarre Video: His morning slumber is disturbed when Joe walks into the kitchen and finds a mess left by his neglectful young wife. Frustrated by her repeated lackadaisical attitude Joe summons the sweet little tart for a confrontation and a remedy that soon has her squirming and twisting over Joe lap. Read more

Paint Party

Bizarre Video - Paint Party
Bizarre Video: These two playful chicks find there lounging time interrupted by a surprising arrival of an unusual gift. They soon discover that someone has sent them liquid latex paint. Read more

Body In Chains

Bizarre Video - Body In Chains
Bizarre Video: Whipped into submission… Ever wondered what it’s like during a young girl’s first slave training experience? See these ripe bodied girls experience pain, teased with pleasure and whipped into submission!

Latex Passion

Bizarre Video - Latex Passion
Bizarre Video: A commanding Mistress dressed in a green cat suit adorned with studded black accesories hovers over her sex slave. Her long sleek back and curving posteriors are a tantalizaing target for her Mistress’s attentions and probing fingers. Read more

Greta’s Training

Bizarre Video - Greta's Training
Bizarre Video: As a pupil of The Professor, Great is taught to be an obedient submissive sex slave. Her lessons are punctuated with frequent applications of the whip.


Bizarre Video - Suds
Bizarre Video: Step into her bathroom and enjoy a scene with Aria showering in a bright shimmering latex suite. This famous and provocative celebrity graces the pages of House of Taboo in an exclusive expose in all her classic style. Read more