Morning Discipline

May 5, 2011 ·

Bizarre Video - Morning Discipline
Bizarre Video: His morning slumber is disturbed when Joe walks into the kitchen and finds a mess left by his neglectful young wife. Frustrated by her repeated lackadaisical attitude Joe summons the sweet little tart for a confrontation and a remedy that soon has her squirming and twisting over Joe lap. He brings her bottom to a rosy hue with the palm of his hand then resorts to a wooden paddle to achieve a longer lasting impression. Rachels sore bottom cheeks dance and jostle to the smack smack tune of Joes relentless application of the wooden paddle. Rachel knows the only way to save her posteriors from more of the searing blistering she has already received is a little distraction. She indulges Joe’s forgiveness by persuading him to let her make it up to him with a nice long blow-job. Joe is indulgent but not without holding that ever prese

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